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 Post subject: Gordon Robinson . . . in technicolor!
PostPosted: Mon Sep 15, 2008 3:27 am 
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1. Gordon Robinson is currently portrayed by Roscoe Orman.

2. Gordon Robinson is the ONLY Sesame streeet human to ever be recast with different actors. Gordon was originally portrayed by Matt Robinson when the show premiered in 1969. In 1972, actor Hal Miller assumed the role, before it was finally filled by the bald and lovable actor Roscoe Orman in 1973.

3. Gordon is married to Susan Robinson, a community health nurse on Sesame Street.

4. The character Gordon Robinson was created to provide a positive African American male role model accessible to children at a young age.

5. Roscoe Orman considers his opportunity to play Gordon Robinson to be his crowning achievement in life. In a book, he wrote, "In this, my thirty-second anniversary year of playing Gordon Robinson, it strikes me that what the character most significantly symbolizes, his most distinguishing and praiseworthy attribute, may lie in the simple fact that he is a man of African descent who for over three decades has been a respected and beloved father figure to young people of all races and all social classes all across America and beyond. "

6. Gordon Robinson has a son, Miles, who is a continuing (and now adult!) character on the show.

7. Gordon son, Miles, was adopted.

8. Gordon's birthday is February 24th.

9. Elmo the muppet once idolized Gordon so much that he tried to spend a day acting and looking more like him.

10. Gordon is a teacher by profession.

11. In an obvious cult-icon parody, a side plot in Sesame Street involves a superhero named "Trash Gordon."

12. Roscoe Orman was chosen for the part of Gordon by completing a very successful audition which required him to perform a dialog opposite Oscar the Grouch.

13. Gordon's favorite interests are sports and music.

14. Gordon's son, Miles, was played by Roscoe Orman's real-life son, Miles Orman, until the age of 8. The part was then taken over by Olamide Faison.

15. In one episode, Gordon is practicing golf on the street for an upcoming golf match. The ever helpful Telly Monster diligently works to recreate every possible golf course condition -- including hills, water hazards, and wind -- so Gordon can have as realistic a golfing experience as possible!

16. When the show originally aired, Gordon only had a first name. The writers were forced to give him a last name in the episode where it was revealed that he was a teacher so his students wouldn't refer to him by his last name. The name "Robinson", of course, was based on the original actor who portrayed the character: Matt Robinson.

17. Gordon's last name tribute to Matt Robinson was suggested by Roscoe Orman, who was playing the role at the time.

18. Gordon was recurrent character featured on Sesame Stret. In the intitial episode, aired in 1969, Gordon spends the day with a girl named Sally, taking her around the neighborhood an introducing her to everyone on the street.

19. Bob once educated Gordon on the correct way to hang a picture on a wall.

20. Gordon was one of the first pop-culture icons to feature a purposeful clean-shaven bald head.

21. Outside of Susan and Miles, Gordon has 2 other family members who have made appearances on the show: his sister Olivia, and his father Mr. Robinson.

22. The first ever childrens book based on the Sesame Street TV show was titled "Gordon's Sesame Street Storybook."

23. Gordon will not be recast by another actor ever again. According to Roscoe Orman, this decision was made because the cast and crew of the show found that it was too difficult on the children. The child actors on the show would not accept Roscoe initially because he was another man claiming to be Gordon; in other words, they could not separate the child from the actor. This is why Gordon was the only character ever to be recast, and Roscoe will be the only person featured as Gordon for the rest of the show's run.

24. The original Sesame Street featured only 4 human adults. Gordon was one of them, living alongside of Bob, Susan, and Mr. Hooper.

25. Gordon spoke the very first lines ever heard on Sesame Street: "Sally, you've never seen a street like Sesame Street. Everything happens here. You're gonna love it!"

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