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 Post subject: 25 facts about Goofy . . . in Technicolor!
PostPosted: Thu Apr 11, 2013 3:33 am 
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1. Goofy was created in 1932.

2. Goofy's orignal name was Dippy Dog.

3. Goofy has been given 3 full names: Goofy Goof, G.G. Goofy, and Goofus D. Dog.

4. Goofy had a wife in the 1950s, but she disappeared over time. In a Goofy Movie, he reveals to moviegoers that she died, as he describes her to Max. Ever since, he has been considered a Widower.

5. In 1939, Pinto Colvig, who voiced Goofy, had a falling out. Left without a voice actor, Goofy found himself in the immensely popular "how-to" series which he would be famous for. They had little dialog and much slapstick.

6. Goofy has an alterego named Super Goof.

7. In the videogame Kingdom Hearts, Goofy is Captain of the Guard.

8. Goofy has been voiced by 6 different actors, more than Mickey (who has had 4) or Donald (who has had 2). His voice actors have included Pinto Colvig, George Johnson, Hal Smith, Will Ryan, Tony Pope, and Bill Farmer.

9. There has always been a humorous conundrum created by the fact that while Goofy the dog is humanoid, Pluto the dog has not human characteristics at all. This inconsistency has been noted in numerous places in pop culture, including the movie Stand By Me, the Disney Channel show Even Stevens, and the TV series Full House.

10. Goofy's son, Max, and Max's best friend, PJ, are some of the very few Disney characters who have been shown to age throughout different series.

11. Originally designed as a humorous sound for the many times that Goofy was launched in the air, the "Goofy Holler" has become a stock sound that has been used in numerous Disney movies, including Cinderella, Home on the Range, and Enchanted.

12. The Goofy Holler appeared in 1 episode of Rocko's Modern Life.

13. Goofy's father is named Benjamin Goof.

14. Goofy has an adventurer cousin named Arizona Goof, a parody of Indiana Jones.

15. Goofy is the 4th most common character you will run into at Disneyland. Mickey, Minnie, and Donald are the only characters who are more likely to be spotted.

16. At Disney theme parks, Goofy runs the candy factory.

17. In Aladdin, when Genie is freed, he is wearing a Goofy hat.

18. In the beginning of The Little Mermaid, Goofy can be seen in the concert crowd as one of the merpeople.

19. Goofy is Roger Rabbit's hero and inspiration.

20. In 1937, Goofy could be seen in a cartoon titled Lonesome Ghosts, as a member of a team of ghost hunters, where he said the line "I ain't a-scared of no ghosts. This sounds strikingly similar to a song lyric from a movie about ghost hunters that would come to be some 50 years later.

21. The character Goofy was created by Art Babbitt.

22. Walt Disney did not care for the Goofy cartoons and only kept them around to create make-work for the animators.

23. Goofy's first cartoon was "Mickey's Revue."

24. While it had already been used as a stock sound for years, the formal name "Goofy Holler" was created much later by IMDB users, and is now the common description of the sound effect.

25. In France, Goofy is known as Dingo.

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