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 Post subject: WiiFit nerdiness, cont'd.
PostPosted: Fri Sep 26, 2008 9:25 pm 
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I am a WiiFit nerd, but I'm guessing that most people have figured that out from my posts here.

The more that I look into it, the more ridicule the game seems to be getting! Apparently, rather than considering the health benefits that a number of people could obtain from using it as a motivational means of exercising, the majority of people seem to think it is nerdy, antisocial, and if people REALLY cared, they'd go to a gym.


1. Cost! A gym requires a startup fee and ongoing membership fees to follow. Many of them charge an additional premium to take extra classes, have a personal trainer, or to use a locker. A WiiFit is a one time investment with no surcharges or membership costs . . . EVER!

2. Schedule! Many gyms close at night, meaning you need to work your schedule around their hours. Even 24Hour is closed on Christmas and Thanksgiving. WiiFit is always available. Furthermore, you can squish in your workout wherever you have time, and don't need to set aside hours every day. For instance, you can do 30 minutes of exercise while your casserole is in the oven! You don't have to leave the house at all!

3. Gasoline! No driving required. Need I say more?

4. Confidentiality! Let's face it: a number of people are simply too self-conscious to go to a gym. This particularly applies to a number of morbidly obese people that I know who simply are tired of being judged based on their weight. Yes, they need the exercise more than anyone, but they don't want to be snickered at while doing yoga. Think it won't happen? Can you honestly say you've never made fun of someone because of their weight? On Wiifit, you can work at your own pace, and no one will see you in your workout clothes except your WiiTrainer. And they don't care!

5. Snacks! No paying ridiculously high prices for a bottle of water or a granola bar from a vending machine. You can get everything you need at your house for far less!

6. Goals set to your body! At a gym, you can guess at what your goals should be. Unless you hire a personal trainer, but even then you are performing to his or her standards. WiiFit bases your standards off of what you have done in the past, and you can compare your daily accomplishments to your past performance. It starts out slow and eventually will kick your butt if you want to work at that level! (Sets of 100+ push ups and sit ups, 30 minutes of running/aerobics, etc.)

7. Pick your own TV shows! Tired of watching CNN or Saved by the Bell because you can't find a remote, having no sound, and having some jerk change the channel right when you're in the middle of a show? On WiiFit, you pick what you want to watch on your own TV. And you can adjust the volume!

8. Cuteness! There is nothing cute about a stair-stepper. There is nothing cute about a sweaty meathead. There is nothing cute about a rental towel. A talking WiiFit board, a Mii dressed as a penguin, and all of your friend/family miis cheering you on after you've finished running a mile are all very cute.

9. Compactness! Going to the gym requires a big bulky gym bag. Buying a home gym requires lots of room. Wii Fit requires a space of approximately 1' by 2' by 4". That's it!

10. Market Manipulation! If people buy and use WiiFit, it will prove that there is a market for video games that encourage physical fitness. We watched the downfall of the Playstation when the Wii came out. The more that people buy and use games designed to keep a person healthy, the more that game manufacturers will be motivated to design bigger, better ones!

 Post subject: Re: WiiFit nerdiness, cont'd.
PostPosted: Tue Sep 30, 2008 10:50 pm 
A few more:

1. NO SICK IDIOTS! There's always the stuffy guy with the cough that figures that going to the gym will make him better, faster. With Wii fit, there are no psycho germ spreadin' guys around.

2. NO PUBLIC RESTROOMS! Don't worry about lining the toilet. Use your toilet at home!

 Post subject: Re: WiiFit nerdiness, cont'd.
PostPosted: Wed Oct 01, 2008 3:24 pm 
Toilet Liner = Ass Gasket

Call it what it is.

IMO, the coolest thing about the WiiFit is that it's addictive. The most important aspect to ANY workout routine is consistency. If you're getting on this thing day-after-day, you're doing better than most of America. Sweet!

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