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 Post subject: Chlorine . . . in technicolor!
PostPosted: Thu Jan 29, 2009 4:17 am 
1. The chemical symbol for chlorinie is Cl.

2. Chlorine melts at -101.5 degrees celcius.

3. The atomic weight of chlorine is 35.453.

4. A pure chlorine ion does not exist in nature. It only occurs in compounds, such as sodium.

5. It is a member of the halogen group of chemicals.

6. Chlorine is practically used universally for its ability to produce safe drinking water.

7. In higher amounts, chlorine is used to make bleaching products and disinfectants.

8. Pure chlorine is very irritating to skin and mucous membranes. It is so poisonous that a few inhalations was fatal, and it has been used in the past as a weapon of war.

9. Chlorine gas is yellow-green in color.

10. Chlorine will combine with almost any element.

11. Chlorine is found most abundantly in seawater, in the form of NaCl.

12. Chlorine is not naturally flammable, but can be used to make compounds that are extremely explosive!

13. The United States manufactures more products containing chlorine than any other country.

14. Household chlorine should not be mixed with other cleaners, as it can release poisonous chlorine gas.

15. Because chlorine is heavier than atmospheric air, it will sink to lower levels of a room.

16. Symptoms of chlorine exposure include coughing, chest tightness, burning, nausea and vomiting, blistering, shortness of breath, and fluid in the lungs.

17. There is no cure for chlorine exposure. If exposed, get away fast, cut off clothes and isolate them in a plastic bag, call 911, and, if possible, scub skin with soap and water.

18. Chlorine contains 17 protons and electrons.

19. Chlorine contains 18 neutrons.

20. Chlorine was discovered in 1774 by Carl Wilhelm Scheele. Scheele thought it to be an oxygen containing compound.

21. Chlorine was named by Humphry Davy, the man who discovered it to be an element.

22. Chlorine is commonly used in paper production, making paper products white.

23. Bleach is used in recycling to remove the ink from paper.

24. Chlorine is used to manufacture rubber.

25. Topsoil contains chlorine. The closer to the ocean or sea it is, the more chlorine it contains.

All knowledge is power. Read enough factoids, unlock the secret to cold fusion.

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